Hi My name is Dhruv Saxena.

I love the digital media: cameras, phones, cinema and pop culture - all seminal components of my life and the current world's culture - helping me capture and tweak the movies I make, pictures I click and the opinions I develop.

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I hail from the multicultural and magnanimous land of India. I completed my secondary school education here and surprisingly enough pursued the sciences until my final year of high school, when all the while I had a penchant for the arts. From my first charming Kodak KB10, the 35mm film camera in 4th grade to my first avant-garde Sony digital camera to the current humongous Canon I have found myself capturing everything exquisite that my surroundings have to offer. More truthfully, making everything in my surroundings more exquisite by capturing them in a photograph. I was lucky enough to be supported by my father through arts school, wherein I extensively pursued photography both in and out of my college: Symbiosis Institute of Photography in Pune, India. I was very proud to join there and when I graduated, I was the very first batch of students in India who were photography graduates. I specialized in product, food and wedding photography and eventually started to develop my interest in motion pictures, since a hard working, competent and multi-tasking crew is what I wanted to be around and I wanted to be able to utilize both my picture taking skills as well as my acumen in the technical aspect of photography, hence I opted for cinematography. Thus, I started my MFA in cinematography in fall 2015 at New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, United States. And since then I have been shooting short films in all genres, eventually developing my skills both as a Cinematographer and a cameraman. Using a range of equipment, with student and teachers from multifarious backgrounds and with their own sets of skills to offer, I developed the discipline that comes in this craft and explored how filmmaking has evolved through the time. Now shooting on Red and Arriflex cameras, which I love to use, has been a lifetime experience for me. The short film "Fated", that I served in as the Director of Photography garnered international laurels with 2 official selections and 3 awards from some of the most prominent film festivals worldwide. It further gave me validation in my own right to keep moving forward in this very art form. It documents lives and situations, it presents them artistically while protecting their pristine essence, and all the while this art also encourages a student like me to stay involved in it.

Qualifications, BFA Photography from Symbiosis School of Photography, Pune.
MFA Cinematography from New York Film Academy, Los Angeles, USA.

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